YYDC Shares stage with Jiangxi Zhongshan Dance School from China

By Yin Yue Dance (other events)

2 Dates Through Sep 21, 2014

Jiangxi Zhongshan Dance School, a private professional dance school located in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China will visit NYC this September, and bring with them the award winning Chinese traditional classical dance and Chinese folk dance as well as Chinese culture inspired ballet work to meet the New York audience for the very first time.

江西中山舞蹈学校是一个民办专业舞蹈学校, 位于中国江西省南昌市。今年九月,舞蹈学校将首次带领一支极具专业水准并多次获得国家专业舞蹈奖项的队伍来纽约市为观众表演中国传统古典舞,民族民间舞蹈以及具有中国文化特色的芭蕾舞蹈作品。


Sharing the stage with a group of 25 young Chinese dancers is Yin Yue Dance Company, a New York City based contemporary dance company led by award winning Shanghai born choreographer Yin Yue. Upon graduated from Tisch, NYU with MFA in dance, Yin Yue has produced 3 evening length dance works along with many shorter works for specific programs, Yin Yue has been highly praised by leading press such as New York Times and NY Daily News.

与25名来自中国的年轻演员同台表演的是来自纽约市的当代现代舞团 Yin Yue Dance Company。这个舞蹈团队由获得国际编导奖的舞蹈编导乐音带领。乐音从纽约大学 Tisch 学院获得舞蹈研究生学历后,就一直在纽约进行创作,目前已经创作并演出了3个专场以及多个小型舞蹈作品。美国著名一线报纸媒体例如《纽约时报》和《纽约日报》都对她的作品做了高度的评价。


In this joint showcase, you will have the chance to observe the high quality traditional Chinese classical dance rooted from Chinese opera and drama, ethnical folk dance inspired from fifty-six minority groups in China and our original Chinese classical ballet choreography and you will also see contemporary modern dance work from Yin Yue Dance Company that has been presented in several major dance festivals and theaters. 

在这个合并演出的盛会上,观众将有幸观摩到高品质的中国传统舞蹈艺术, 由中国戏剧为灵感的古典舞蹈, 由中国56个民族为元素的新创民间民族舞, 原创的中国古典题材芭蕾以及由Yin Yue Dance Company 带来的在美国多次献演的当代现代舞蹈。


There are two performances scheduled, Sep 20th at 8:00pm and Sep 21st at 3:00pm at Peridance Capezio Center conveniently located on 126 East 13th St. Please do keep in mind that the seating is limited because you don't want to miss the opportunity to witness the dance conversation between two culture, two history and two countries.

指定演出时间为9月21日晚上8点和9月21日下午3点,演出时间大约为90分钟。演出地点在交通便利的 Peridance Capezio Center。 请注意演出场地座位有限,为了确保您能顺利观摩演出不错过这个中美舞蹈的交流,请及时订票。


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